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Sermon for Wednesday after Invocavit - Exodus 15:22-27 - February 25, 2015

1)The sons of Israel had just witnessed the Lord’s great salvation at the Red Sea. With Pharaoh and his host drowned in Red Sea waters, Israel is finally free from their enemy. Pharaoh can no longer pursue them. Their taskmasters are in the past, never to torment them again. In this great freedom they set off into the wilderness of Shur under the guiding hand of their shepherd, Moses. But the Lord’s salvation worked at the Red Sea quickly becomes an event of the past with no meaning for the Israelites in the present. Three days into their journey they have no water. If I remember correctly, the old adage is that you can make it three days without water before you will die of dehydration. The Israelites, only three days after being miraculously saved by the Lord, are on the verge of death. To make matters all the more hopeless, when they do come upon a water source, the waters are bitter and undrinkable. So they call the place “Marah” for Marah in Hebrew means bitter. At death’s door, …

Sermon for Lent I (Invocavit) - Matthew 4:1-11 - February 22, 2015